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Jan 30

Customer Profile Medicine Mama

We sat down with the owner of Medicine Mama, Donna Steinmann, a 20 year published expert in natural health and skincare. We asked her a few questions about her magical journey as part of our new 4th Way Customer Profile.

How did you first become interested in starting Medicine Mama?

I wanted an effective, organic skincare solution for myself and my family. I was unable to find a single product that met my high standards of purity and efficacy, so I set out to create my own with the help of nature.

What do you spend your time working on these days? 

Fifty percent of my time is spent on inspiration, innovation, and education. Twenty-five percent is spent on daily operations and the remainder is traveling the country, meeting clients, and working with my team.

Since 4th Way Fulfillment is handling so many aspects of my business now, I am able to concentrate on other areas that need my attention. Bringing my product to 4th Way was a real game changer for our business operations.

How do you inspire yourself and find new product ideas?

I am always dreaming up new strategies and products. I surf the web and research what others are doing, always looking for inspiration in the market and following what the leaders in the industry are creating. I just started writing a book and I recommend others create a living expression of their journey. I want to inspire others and help educate and empower women through my writing.

What’s the most exciting and/or strangest thing that’s happened to you recently? 

I never imagined that one day I would be able to work with the man who put the word “intensive” after Vaseline. I feel very fortunate to work with such talented people and I had no idea that I’d get the opportunity to work with the same person that helped the first skin care company in America—and now he is on my team.

Derek, Ecommerce Professional

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